Reverse graffiti is an interesting art form pioneered by the artist Moose. Unlike normal graffiti, reverse graffiti does not involve adding anything to the surface being tagged. It can be as simple as writing “wash me” in the dust on a car, or as involved as using a cleaning materials like cloths or pressure washers to create large murals.

Reverse graffiti is frowned on by some municipalities, but is hard to prosecute. It does not damage the surface, is temporary, and technically is a partial cleaning. Legally it is a gray area. Like regular graffiti, (more…)

Graffiti is an art that is becoming more accepted in pop culture although it is still considered alternative. In order to tag properly, you need to have the right type of graffiti supplies. You need to look into the different brushes that are available because quite a number of sizes exist.

The sizes and the quality of the brushes are important, so be sure to select ones that will work well on the surface you (more…)

Street art is a phenomenon that has steadily gained momentum since the late 1970′s and early 1980′s. Today, there are a few cities in particular that stick out in the world of street art: New York City, Chicago, and London. The Greenwich Village section of New York, a haven for artists of all types, features street murals anywhere you look. Harlem is also known for its street art; reminders of the Renaissance more than fifty years ago. The City features talents of (more…)

Depending on how you define it, the history of graffiti can go as far back as the cavemen writing petroglyphs in caves. The modern concept of graffiti, spray painting on public properties, broke onto the scene in the late 1960s on the subway cars of New York City.

Taki 183, a messenger from the Washington Heights area, had been drawing his name in thick black marker on just about anything he came in contact with on his travels throughout the city, especially (more…)

From the time of cavemen, graffiti has always been an intimate part of our culture. Nabateans, Greeks and Romans have all left their scribbling on canyon walls and buildings. Ancient Native Americans have inscribed the walls of El Morro with pictographs whose meanings can yet be deciphered. Graffiti is a legitimate and enduring form of human expression and a means of communicating today as well as a way of reaching out to those who come after us. So do create graffiti and do express your ideas with (more…)

It takes an artist to create some of the graffiti on display, but at the same time, it is still a crime unless the artist has obtained permission from the property owners to create it. Graffiti is another art form displaying creativity and self-expression. Controversy rages over the right to place graffiti in public places. Some city governments have dedicated certain parts of their city to graffiti art.

The controversy is comparable to the continuing debate over the fine line between art and pornography. Some people think that because (more…)

Underground graffiti is a unique and interesting form of art. While graffiti can be found in many cities, it’s often difficult to find high quality wall art. Most graffiti is either the name of an individual or a gang. While its possible to find unique and beautiful graffiti, it will require some work.

One of the most well-known graffiti artists in the world is Banksy, a UK resident. While no one knows Banksy’s real name, his artwork has sold for millions of dollars at major art (more…)